Walk excursion
Duration: 3.5-4 hrs
Price: €20 per tourist, incl.guide excursion and tickets to the museum (Dostoevsky’s apartment)
Time: from Tuesday to Sunday, any time of the year (except Statutory holidays)


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During Dostoevskiy’s Petersburg excursion we will show you the places described in his books and visit the Dostoevskiy’s Museum. Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of the greatest novelist, philosopher, the genius of Russian literature.
The city of St.Petersburg had an immense influence on Dostoyevsky. His the most popular novels were created in this city, the characters of his novels lived in the this city, and the City itself became a mystique, vivified hero of his novels.
Excursion Itinerary:
• During the 30-40 minutes walk excursion we will show you the places described in Crime and Punishment as houses of Rodion Raskolnikov and Sonya Marmeladova, we will walk along the streets and the riverbank, that Dostoyevsky used to stroll and then described in his books.
• We will go by subway to Dostoyevsky Station
• Our next stop is Dostoyevsky’s apartment-turned-museum, his last residence, where he wrote Brothers Karamazov novel.
• Next to his museum is St.Vladimir Orthodox Church visited by the Writer for the last years of his life.
• Then we take 2 stops by subway to our last destination.