Erarta museum of contemporary art excursion
Walk excursion
Duration: 1,5-2 hrs
Price: 20 Euro including entrance tickets (some temporary exhibits require additional cost)


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Erarta museum of contemporary art has the permanent collection (five floors of the museum/left wing of the building) rarely changes, with the exception of the recent acquisitions — the art exhibit there is updated every quarter. However, New wings of Erarta host new exhibitions every 3 months. It means that every 3 months you can visit brand new exhibitions. You can experience a wide variety of exhibition projects, such as Erarta museum’s exhibition project, “Russia in Erarta” which showcases talented contemporary artists from Russia’s various regions, as well as mixed and solo exhibitions of both renowned and young contemporary Russian artists, international exhibitions etc.

There is an art shop where you can buy some interesting art works from authors.

To find out what’s currently on at Erarta or to browse the future schedule, please visit the what’s on section of the calendar.

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