Palaces of Saint-Petersburg



Walk-bus excursion.
Duration: 3 days excursion (around 6 hrs each day) discovering Palaces, Cathedrals, and Museums of St. Petersburg. You can order any one day separately.
Price: 165 Euro 3 day or from 50 euro one day excursion per tourist including entrance tickets.


Palaces of Saint-Petersburg are something extraordinary, they are masterpieces of architecture with fabulous interiors. Some of them have its own art exhibitions as, for example, Menshikov Palace is a branch of the Hermitage Museum with a collection of Russian art of the late 17th-early 18th century. You can order 3 days excursion (165 Euro) or just one day excursion. During excursion you will enjoy to see:

Day 1 (duration 5 hrs, price 55 euro)

  • majestic Winter Palace (the Hermitage) with its collection of art (2,5 hrs);
  • art collection in General Staff Building (1,5 hrs);
  • St. Isaak’s Cathedral (1 hr);

Day 2 (duration 6 hrs, price 50 euro)

Day 3 (duration 4,5 hrs, price 60 euro)

  • Shuvalov Palace and Faberge Museum of jewelry and art (1,5 hrs);
  • discover the story about Grigory Rasputin assassination in Yusupov Palace (2hrs)

You will know interesting stories about owners of the Palaces with certify guide and discover some art collection.


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