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Bus tour to Peterhof (incl. Peterhof Grand Palace and Lower Gardens)
Duration – 5-6 hrs
Price: 80 Euro per tourist for a group 3-6, and 60 Euro per tourist for a group 7-12 including bus tickets, museum entrance tickets, certified guide.


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Visit the Peterhof Palaces, actually ensemble of palaces and gardens, which built on orders of Peter the Great on the southern shores of the Gulf of Finland. Have a walk through the magnificent Lower Garden planted with beautiful fountains and find the most famous among them  – the Samson fountain. Have a look on the Golden Mountain and Chess Mountain, where the surface is tiled black and white like a chessboard. Admire the Chesma Hall which decorated with twelve large paintings of the Battle of Chesma, a stunning naval victory of the Russo-Turkish War, 1768-1774.