Visa to Russia

Below you will find a list of the countries the citizens of which enjoy visa-free travel to Russia. If you are not a national of one of these countries (and do not have diplomatic status) you will need to obtain a Russian visa in your country of residence before you depart for Russia.

There are, however, two exceptions:

  1. If you are traveling to St. Petersburg for up to 72 hours on a cruise ship (on the condition that you are sleeping on the ship and are accompanied by an authorized tour guide) or on ferries from Helsinki and Tallinn with St. Peter Line, you d0n’t need a visa.
  2. If you have tickets to football championship 14 June-15July 2018 in Russia, you don’t need visa, but in this case you must have a valid  fan ID card, tickets and a passport valid for at least six months after the date of your proposed exit from Russia.

Also you may require other official documents like medical insurance. Also bear in mind that, even if you don’t require a visa to enter Russia, you will still need to register with the Federal Migration Service upon arrival (we will care about it).

To apply for a visa individually you need to get a Tourist Confirmation with Voucher from an inviting organization  The confirmation MUST have an Official Russian Company Registration Number and confirmation number. A Confirmation and Voucher from your hotel or travel agency in Russia is required for all Russian tourist visas. Your visa application processing cannot start until the Confirmation and Voucher has been issued and received, information from the document is needed to answer questions on the Russian online visa application form.

Group 1

Countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

Citizens of the countries of the CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) are permitted to stay in the Russian Federation for up to 90 days without a visa.

Group 2

Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela.

Citizens of these countries are allowed to stay in the Russian Federation without a visa for up to 90 days in each 180-day period, provided they will not be involved in any commercial or work-related activities during their stay.

Group 3

Countries: Cuba, Montenegro, Serbia (with biometric passport), Thailand, Hong Kong SAR (up to 14 days), Macao SAR.
Please note that citizens of Turkey no longer qualify for visa-free travel to Russia (starting January 1 2016).

Citizens of the countries in this group can stay in the Russian Federation for up to 30 days without a visa. They are not entitled to work while in Russia.

Group 4

Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia.

Citizens of these Balkan countries can also stay in Russia without a visa for up to 30 days, but must also show tourist documents (tourist confirmation and tourist voucher) or an official invitation to immigration officials.